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Like a good Harley Ride - Twists and Turns that will keep you alert
but make you a little nervous!
By Ran-Man
Excellent read! The author (Alexander) takes you on an expertly described journey of two very different and independent lives and their destiny to meet. Alexander works all of your senses including your sixth sense as he slowly administers the history of thecharacters through beautifully described details giving you a feeling that YOU are part of the story. A story of family, friendship, romance, love, deception, and murder that is both intriguing and disturbing. Make time for this one because you may not want to put it down once you get pulled into the drama and suspense. Can't wait for the movie!

Finally... Good BELIEVABLE Thriller
By Roy Dowler
I would not consider myself an "avid" reader. I find it hard to find a storyline and plot that catches my attention and an even harder time finding an author that can keep it. Now I have! Paul Alexander, and his latest novel, Dark Star, has brought me back to the land of the readers! In the past I read James Patterson, Dan Brown, and Steve Berry and loved them all. They couldn't come out with books fast enough for me. Now I have Paul Alexander to add to the rotation.
In Dark Star I found the storyline fantastic, intriguing, informative and believable; a rare combination. Set in the heart of the Midwest, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, a wonderful narrative unfolds that may have happened to the family next door... oh but never to you! A "who done it" love story that is twisted with lies, murder and running from the law. All pointing in the direction of the troubled Preacher's Kid who is just trying to make a life for himself and figure out his brand of "normal."
You will find yourself right in the middle of this story, riding your motorcycle down the back roads of Missouri alongside Deacon, loving every minute of it and hating the fact that you can't put the book down because... You just haven't figured out who to trust!

Wow, Great Read!
By Georgia Shayne
I was intrigued by the suspense built by Bible relevant murders, which helped weave a thought provoking plot. The author's use of scripture to build the personalities and explain the actions of the primary players was at the same time shocking and rewarding. The characters were artfully described in such a way that I was able to identify with and have empathy for each. Deacon and Star were both the products of difficult childhoods. The decisions they made regarding what to do with the hands they were dealt made all of the difference.
Deacon was the son of an obsessed minister. He found a way out. I was proud of him as he made his own way in the world and found success. When bad things, which were instigated by someone else, began to happen, I felt sorry and worried for him.
Star was the daughter of a drug-addicted prostitute. She did not want to find her way out. She took up her mother's profession and perfected it. Star's biggest problems were her overwhelming desire for revenge and the confusion of her three distinct personalities. I felt sorry for her and at the same time, hated her.
Doc and Kat were Deacon's consummate friends. Everyone needs this kind of friendship, and together they helped to bring balance and diversity to the story.
Dark Star is set mostly in St. Louis. I loved being led through the dark alleys of Laclede's Landing and down the narrow back streets of Soulard. Before I read the book, I heard there was a twist at the end, but nothing prepared me for what I found in those last few pages. Often I do a good job of predicting the ending of movies and books. That was not the case with Dark Star. This book is a haunting, riveting story of revenge, redemption, and human frailty. I highly recommend it.

An Emotional Mystery
By The Beaver
Dark Star is a must read for all of us that enjoy the opportunity to become immersed in a mystery laced with emotion, action, and intrigue. The author skillfully grows the characters and develops the plot in a setting that is defined with landmarks that are familiar to many of us from the Midwest. I had to constantly remind myself that this book is fiction. I found this book extremely hard to put down and do highly recommend it.

Great Characters!
By Chris. S. Comet
Dark Star is a beautifuly detailed book! Well developed characters that readers really come to care about. Great story that will keep you guessing as much as the characters do when they are trying to solve the mystery. VERY enjoyable!

By Cissy T

Dark Star takes you on a roller coaster ride through this mysterious plot of intrigue and excitement that takes place in the Midwest. The author (Paul Alexander) created these interesting characters that through the many twists and turns they endure, allows the reader to go along for the ride. I highly recommend this suspense packed thrill ride that you will not want to put down.

Gripping, Compelling Drama.
By Thomas Eade "Tommy" (London UK)
This is one of those novels that you pick up from time to time with a casual interest and become drawn into. It's construction of characters is patient and well judged so that you grow to know each of them as the plot unfolds. The plot itself is laid out in a way that allows you to digest it as you read. I have never been to these parts of the USA but Dark Star was written in such a way that gives the reader a real feel for the place, the machines, places and people. A very well written book with a clever twist. Peter Burke.

Incredible Read
By Carl Sparks
Dark Star is an exciting read, a definite page turner! I found myself unable to put it down as the author expertly leads the reader through tortutous change of events in Deacon's life and how the many faces of Star could be his undoing. The story is laced with surprises and evil twists; the climax is suspenseful and leaves you thirsting for a sequel.

Dark Star Shocks and Surprises
By Steve Williams
Dark Star is a thrill-ride of a read that moves along like a motorcycle in high gear. The plot contains more twists and turns than a back-country road, and like a trip down thatroad, offers surprises at every turn. The dual themes of revenge and redemption swirl around each other on every page, and sweep the characters (and the reader) along in a never-intensifying vortex of conflict and enmity, until their inevitable confrontation brings the book to its unexpected, yet satisfying, conclusion. Filled with unforgettablecharacters, palpable suspense, and raw emotion, Dark Star will continue to exert its pull on you long after the final page. I highly recommend this book!

Disturbing, Moving Thriller
By Jools Sanderson "Book Promise"
(Essex England)
This book I found disturbingly real with some toe curling moments and although the writer's graphic discription of some events shocked me, I felt compelled to read on. It is a very well written story of a disfunctional family's coping with hate and love and it kept me enthralled to the end. Julie.


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